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GN-PBO Network - An Eye Opener for Zimbabwe

The Zimbabwean PBO, established 1 September 2016 is thrilled to be part of the GN-PBO where we hope to learn and share a lot.  What a network of Great Minds!  Zimbabwe is proud to be the newest member of the family

The Jamaican Position

The Jamaican Parliament, over the years, has had a challenge with effective analysis and interpretation of financial documents that are required to be examined by members of its oversight committees, in particular members of the Public Administration and Appropriations Committee (PAAC) and the Public Accounts Committee (PAC).

How To Develop a Robust Operational Work Plan for PBOs

The position of Parliamentary Budget Officer requires a robust and clear institutional structure and certainty in resources and funding to fulfil its role independently, efficiently and effectively without political or executive interference. 

What GN-PBO Members Can Learn From IMF Case Studies of Fiscal Councils

These case studies examines how each council performs its core functions and if and how it impacts on the fiscal policy debate...