Value Creation Stories Questionnaire

Please read first:

To better assess the value the GN-PBO network, we are collecting Value Creation Stories from members to explicitly demonstrate the outcomes of a country’s participation in GN-PBO network activities. The methodology allows us to find a direct connection between GN-PBO network activities and improved PBO performance, thereby identifying specific outcomes that can be directly connected to a specific network activity.

Below you will find two forms:

1) “Outcomes already achieved or in the process of being achieved”

  • Please fill this out if you or your country delegation has implemented any of the ideas shared during any of the previous GN-PBO Meetings.

2) "Outcomes to be achieved”

  • This form is to be filled out by all 2017 Annual Assembly participants, indicating what actions they would like to undertake as a result of their participation.

Please keep in mind that your future actions should be SMART:

  • Specific - the scope should not be so large that it is unclear what action you will take
  • Measurable - How would you define success?
  • Achievable - Is the proposed action possible within a given time frame and with available resources?
  • Relevant - Is the action significant to your work?
  • Time bound - Does it have a time frame indicating when the proposed action will be implemented?

Value Creation Form Links:

(all 2017 Annual Assembly participants)
(all 2018 Annual Assembly participants)

Please note:

  • You can share as many stories as you wish.
  • Your stories will be shared with the GN-PBO Community on the e-PBO portal. 
  • If you will have any questions on the Value Creation Story process, please contact Paulina Biernacka, World Bank at