Case clinic

Case clinic format

A case clinic is an opportunity to use the collective experience of the participants to help Nigerian, Zambian, and Zimbabwe to work on challenge or a problem that is troubling them.

All the participants will be divided into three teams.

Team A-Case Clinic: Nigerian

Team B-Case Clinic: Zambian

Team C-Case Clinic: Zimbabwe


Nigerian/Zambian/Zimbabwe team will tell what the problem is in their respective countries and give a brief introduction to the context



Please go through the 1 pager that we already distributed.

We will open the space for others to clarify their understanding, to ask more questions about the context, to find out what is already been done.



We will open the space for people to tell you their own similar experiences and to make suggestions about possible avenue you could explore



Nigerian/Zambian/Zimbabwe team might want to take notes

Nigerian/Zambian/Zimbabwe team will summarize their take-aways. They will tell the group the most important advice they’ve been given and what plan of action they will probably take.



Nigerian/Zambian/Zimbabwe team-Please share these on the online PBO platform. Thanks!