During Jason's presentation on October 22, on "costing of new bills and systems", two issues struck me. One was when Jason mentioned -"there is no need to reinvent the wheel". And the second related point on the most trusted methodology could be "beg, borrow or steal".

Keeping that in mind, I have taken a humble attempt to prepare the following table, which our GNPBO members can refer to while doing their own research. This table lists down various links where GNPBO members can find the publications/research reports/analysis (only English ones) done by these  PBO.

Most importantly, this is a live document, so please free to add to the list, so that it becomes a robust one. Also, please share with the community if you have such cheatsheets that you think might help others.

Name of the Jurisdiction

Links where you can find their reports/publications

Austria - Government Debt Committee

http://www.staatsschuldenausschuss.at/en/empf/recommendations.jsp, http://www.staatsschuldenausschuss.at/en/other/other_publications.jsp

Australia-Parliamentary Budget Office


Belgium - Federal Planning Bureau


Canada – Parliamentary Budget Office


Kenya-Parliamentary Budget Office


Liberia--Parliamentary Budget Office


Netherlands - CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis


Uganda-Parliamentary Budget Office


United Kingdom – Office for Budget Responsibility


United States of America - Congressional Budget Office