OECD Formula (?) for Building a Network in Support of its Members

We learn from the OECD experience as it was presented today, that in fact, there is no one-size-fits-all formula. But a global network of PBOs is an idea whose time has come.

Over the past decade among the OECD countries, alone, 10 budget offices have been established. The presentation provided a healthy dose of common sense in the guidance to build and maintaining an international network of PBOs:  First, the OECD network emerged from several strands of developments over the past few decades: within a broader family of Senior Budget Officials that includes a wide variety of officials involved in budgets and oversight; transforming from an association of chairs of finance committees to an association of budget officers. It has developed a common purpose,  The annual meetings have been working through an agenda that has evolved from profiling offices, to sharing experience on methods and sensitive budgeting issues, to establishing standards and good practices.  As the members have been sharing experiences on some common challenges -- e.g., accessibility to information or need for institutional legitimation -- the individual members have come to view their partners within the networks as valuable friends and partners.  Communications among them take place on an everyday basis and in most informal ways.  So the network is less an institution that is 'imposed from without' than a community that serves the interests of each of its members.