Session on Open Budgeting

Budgeting is an important tool for the government for planning, strategic resource allocation and policy implementation. Opening budget helps the works responsive to the needs of people. The main point is to make budgeting transparent.

Transparency allows the demand side of accountability to work. To make policy more transparent, policy should be translated into mutually agreeable and measurable indicators. In the past, demand and supply for accountability may not match. More information should be informed and citizens should be empowered.

Media is also important as demand-side actor. Media monitor, report, access and often criticize government’s works. They do so in the name of people, as a demand-side actor. In this way, media accessibility is very important for PBO. Capacity of the media is another important issue on transparency and accessibility.

The session reminds us that capacity enhancement and accessibility to the media are important. The debate after the session is also interesting in the point that accountability to the people may post some problems e.g. short-sighted people may put obstacles for long-term policy implementation.