PBO E-Learning Course

The Parliamentary Budget Offices e-learning Course is now drawing to a close, and it has resulted in some very productive discussions over the last four weeks. I will post some summaries of the discussions over the next few weeks, but I though the Global Network would be interested to know some details about the actual participants.

Article on our GNPBO in the Canadian Parliamentary Review

Dear Friends and Esteemed Colleagues,

Please find attached herewith for your reading pleasure an article that I have written on the formation of the Global Network of Parliamentary Budget Offices (GNPBO) for the Canadian Parliamentary Review - Vol XXXVI, No III, Autumn 2013.

Recording for GN PBO Webinar Nov 26th

Recording for GN PBO Webinar Nov. 26th.


Special thanks to Sahir Khan for his presentation and thanks to Sruti for organising this webinar.

Helpful Cheatsheets

During Jason's presentation on October 22, on "costing of new bills and systems", two issues struck me. One was when Jason mentioned -"there is no need to reinvent the wheel"...

Results of the Conference Feedback Survey

Dear All,

Thank you for participating in the Conference feedback Survey.

We will continue to analyse all your comments, and will consider them for future events.

Request to complete the online survey

Hello everyone !

As a member of Global Network of PBOs Community of Practice, and one of the conference participants, you are invited to take part in this online survey.

The following questionnaire will require only 5 minutes to complete...

OECD Formula (?) for Building a Network in Support of its Members

We learn from the OECD experience as it was presented today, that in fact, there is no one-size-fits-all formula. But a global network of PBOs is an idea whose time has come...

A new PBO in the Dominican Republic Congress

It was very interesting to learn about the PBO in the Dominican Republic. In her presentation, Sorangel Gonzalez, explained that the PBO had been created in 2009 through a collaborative effort between the UNDP and the Chamber of Deputies...

Unbelievable, Unreliable, Incredible

Kevin Page's most stimulating presentation emphasized the significant dimension that "another data point" is essential.  He raised four lessons of working with the Canadian PBO...

Session on Access to Data (The case of Canadian PBO)

PBO needs to be clear about the data actually needed and the place to get data. After that the main challenge will be on the reluctance of the governmental departments, which are the main sources of data, to disclose the data.