Recommendations for the Case of Zambia

  • Need to enact the Legal framework to provide for
    establishment of the PBO
  • Need to closely work together with the Executive
    to ensure that the Bill captures key provisions

Case clinic

A case clinic is an opportunity to use the collective experience of the participants to help Nigerian, Zambian, and Zimbabwe to work on challenge or a problem that is troubling them...

Session on Open Budgeting

Budgeting is an important tool for the government for planning, strategic resource allocation and policy implementation. Opening budget helps the works responsive to the needs of people. The main point is to make budgeting transparent.

Session on Information, Governments and Society

The session on Information, Governments and Society explored the relationship between theory and practice of FOIL or Freedom of Information Laws, as well as the implications of potential asymmetries in information...

World Cafe a success!

Most people seemed from fledgling PBOs, or jurisdictions in which PBOs were being considered.

Many are interested in how to go about setting up a PBO well.

Access to information

One of the challenges that the Canadian PBO has faced in asking government departments for information is that it doesn't exist (i.e. they don't collect it)...

Greetings from the Canadian PBO!

We look forward to participating in the conference in Montreal.  If any members of this group are curious about our office, please feel free to peruse our website:

Parliamentary Budget Offices E-Learning Course

In December 2012, 77 participants took part in an e-learning module on Parliamentary Budgetary Offices (PBO). The purpose of this training module was to share knowledge on the work of independent, objective, nonpartisan PBOs and their contribution to the budget process...

Design/ Icon for the APBO Community

Morning APBO Members - We need to find a design/ icon for the community.  Maybe we can put a couple of examples together and the community members can vote on it in June to decide which they prefer?